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What site do I use to enter my code to get credit for the OPI nail plish promo? -

I entered codes on the rewards page thinking I could get the OPI nail polish, but apparently that's on a completely different page. When I entered the codes on the nail polish page it said they were duplicates. How do I get the nail polish? Is there a way to transfer the codes?
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  • Linda (Official Rep) July 01, 2013 13:33
    Hi Kathleen, The codes can be added in either place. As long as the code is from a box with the nail polish promotion on the front it will count. You can check your "Points Activity" by clicking the link at the top of the rewards page. Any code you entered from a participating product (with the OPI promotion on the box-not just the KFR logo) will show up twice in the list- once for KFR points and once as a "Special K Challenge" code that is for the nailpolish. Hope that helps.
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