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Frosted Mini-Wheat Recall

I have 70-ounce club store pack with Use Before date May 06, 2013 and code KBA 0243 0955. Should I return the top with this info to you for refund?
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  • Steve (Official Rep) October 21, 2012 23:33
    If you have product that is involved in the recall we will replace the cereal with a free product coupon good for any Kellogg product.

    We are asking consumers with affected product to please Email Us at to provide your name and mailing address as well as product information (if available). We strive to respond to your email within 48 hours.

    If you have additional questions please contact us toll free at 800-962-1413 from 8 am to 6 pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday. Please understand we are experiencing high call volume and we appreciate your patience.
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