• Improve code entry

    … . The letter O and the number 0 are hard to distinguish. As are G and 6 etc. Often when I get a code wrong, I arrow back to the suspicious character and try to change … , not where you deleted and all the characters are squished together so that are all in the wrong positions. My idea, to make code entry less frustrating, would be to allow the cursor to stay … (2014-05-21)

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    • show us WHICH character(s) are wrong. You need darker ink. Or use a QR Code and let us scan it using our phone. (2014-06-03)
    • … it each time to try them all since one cannot simply delete/replace a character in the code. I bought Cheez-Its specifically for the MLB sweepstakes … (2014-06-04)
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  • Cannot Enter Codes

    … on the page either take you to this same page or to another page, none of which are where codes can be entered. I typically do not enter a code until I finished a product because I must cut … (2015-06-03)

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    • … .com, then select "Collect Points". From here you will click on "Enter Code" this should bring up the page where you are able to enter your codes. I hope this information … (2015-06-03)
    • i cant enter any code into my account .. when will it be fix (2015-06-26)
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  • Avengers (movie) codes accepted - NO credit - counter remains at zero

    Jul 4 system accepted 6 Avenger codes - system read "Cobgrats! Avenger … userid remained 0. Knowing I entered 7 codes in total, proceeded to redeem, selected movie … , check out, system prompted message, quantity exceeds codes entered. Please provide assisted - Thank you - Patty (2015-07-04)

    Tags: movie ticket, avenger code, no credit given

  • Dissapointed In the Printing of the Kellogg's Family Rewards Codes and Program

    … ... The inkjet machine that sprays the codes on the packaging is all to often broken up and the codes can not be entered. I received a "we miss you" e-mail … (2015-03-04)

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    • … you have experienced with reading our codes. We do our best to print the code clearly, however, we understand there is always room for improvement. Please know I will share your feedback … &gid=1. I hope this is helpful to you. Also, keep in mind, you can always reach out to us if you have an issue with a specific code. We are always more than willing to help out! Thank you for being a part of the Kellogg Family … (2015-03-05)
    • … one of my codes at this time. I thought they were o's and when that didn't work I tried zeroes and it still isn't working. Please help! I also have a code from a box of the new PB&J poptarts that is not long enough. I emailed someone weeks … (2015-03-12)
  • I get an error message every time I enter my codes. Live chat does not work.

    … different days to enter codes from Special K, purchased at Harris Teeter. I get an error message each time. I have tried entering … (2015-06-23)

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  • Where is the code located for the Ready Crust pie crusts?

    Keebler Ready Crust - where is the code located? (2014-12-13)

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    • … ! The Keebler Ready Crust pie crusts do not have a code because they are not a part of the Kellogg's Family Rewards program. To determine … . These specially marked packages will contain a 16-digit code, which can be entered at kelloggsfamilyrewards.com. I'm glad you are a member of our Kellogg … (2014-12-14)
  • App for KFR codes?

    Please make an app so we can enter KFR codes on the go! My Coke Rewards has one that is so easy to use, it would be great for Kelloggs to build one too. (2014-06-11)

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    • … in option for codes. When you text in codes, you can only text in one code per message. You cannot send multiple codes in the same message. I hope this clears … (2015-03-31)
    • … or photos I'd get logged out and have to log back in again. Another reason you need an app is because you can't send more that one code per text which is ridiculous. I rarely text and therefore pay per text … (2015-06-28)
  • Where is the code number for the Keebler crackers located?

    I have packages of the Keebler crackers for the FR and I can't find the code for the points. Where would it be located? (2014-10-09)

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    • Second time I have code in the Keebler Club box. If this continues; I may as well buy generic, skip the codes that are super hard to read especially in the cereal boxes, and save money. (2014-10-28)
    • I two boxes of 16 count nutri-grain bars ( apple and strawberry) and one box of Keebler club crackers with no code. (2014-12-03)
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  • Where is the code on Special K Shakes.

    … 's Special K Breakfast Shakes in Double Chocolate but I don't seem to have a code on the inside. Looking more closely, I see the "Best By" date is 2-25 … (2014-04-20)

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    • … logo. Since this was an older product, it could be the reason why it does not have a code. Not all products are participating so make sure to look for this when you are at the store. Thank you for being part of our online community … (2014-04-21)
    • Missing code. Please reference the new conversation here: Missing promotional code. (2015-02-05)
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  • Where do you find the code on Kellogg's Special K Protein Drinks?

    Where do you find the code on Kellogg's Special K Protein Drinks? (2015-01-13)

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    • Where is the code? Please reference the new conversation here: Where is the code? (2015-01-14)
    • I cannot find any code on the 8 pack of the protein drinks (2015-01-29)
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